Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mixed concrete is fundamentally made from a mix of cement, fine aggregate (sand), course aggregate (rock metal) and water which are called as constituents. These are mixed under factory conditions and the ready mix proportions are well controlled.


JMC Group produces and supplies ready mix concrete to customers through a national network of fixed commercial outlets and projects. At each location, a team of experienced and fully qualified experts is on hand to offer technical advice and assistance to the customers with the highest levels of service and satisfaction. The company has successfully provided flexible and cost effective solutions to the most complex and challenging demands of the construction industry. During this time, the company has worked with all the major contractors in Down South Sri Lanka successfully executing an endless list of large and prestigious projects for both the public and private sectors.

It is transported to the site in transit truck mixers to be used straight without further treatments. All precautions are taken to ensure the strength and durability of the ready mix and to prevent stiffness when transported over long distances. Ready mix concrete plays an important role in massive and medium scale construction projects.

JMC Group, involved in the supply of ready mix concrete to the construction sector. Through its dedicated services it has come to the forefront as a supplier of ready mix concrete.Using quality row materials and machinery to manufacture concrete, the company ensures the durability of the construction outcomes.

JMC Group engaged in continuous technological research and development in the field with the motivation of enhancing its capabilities in approaching the requirements of the customers. Research and development activities include the selection of quality raw materials, admixture analysis, new product designs and development research programmes in conjunction with the relevant institutes in down south Sri Lanka.


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